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Amal Gold is the ONLY 100% organic, WSDA certified food-grade, hydroponic safe, fish protein nutrients in the world!

Growing Made Simple

The top marijuana nutrient brands, such as Advanced Nutrients, House & Garden, Yellow Bottle, Canna or Aptus Plant Tech, all sell products developed for specific stages of plant growth. This means patients must purchase 6 to 10 products for one harvest, while also needing to learn difficult feeding schedules. Growing with Amal Gold uses only ONE organic nutrient feed.

For optimal plant performance and nutrient uptake efficiency, this amino acid based plant food is offered to customers in a wet and dry formula. The wet formula, having a 20% amino acid concentration, is the only soil feed solution you need. The dry formula, having an 80% amino acid concentration, is a foliar plant feed. Plants absorb nutrients about 50% more effectively through its leaves and for this reason Amal offers both applications. Amal Gold is the only nutrient system perfect for anyone, from new to average or expert growers.