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Note:  Photos (on right) represent the flower verification results of our Strain Menu.

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  • Types Of Cannabis.
    • Indica
      Indicas. Night time use with high CBD content. Helps relieve insomnia, nausea & body pain.

    • Sativa
      Sativas. Day time use with high THC content. Helps treat anxiety, headaches & depression.

    • Hybrid
      Hybrids. Very popular with patients for general medicinal use. High yielding indoor strains.

    • Purple
      Purples. These Indica strains have high CBD content for advanced indoor growers.

  • Why Buy Cannabis Seeds?

    Location. Buying cannabis seeds online is the best option for patients who do not have access to one of our locations nearby.

    Time. The Strainbank can process your order within hours of payment making sure patients receive seeds within 2 - 3 days.

    Quality. Replicate nature by cultivating cannabis seeds that result in the highest yielding marijuana plants possible.

  • How To Order Seeds?

    Choose Strains. Save the most time by selecting what strains you want to grow before calling us to order.

    Call Us. Once you're ready to order, call us so that there's no confusion as to what strains and quantity you need.

    Online Payment. Patients will receive an Invoice to their email and make secure payments online using PayPal.

    Tracking No. Have comfort knowing your order was processed and shipped out the same day with email/text tracking.

  • How Much Do Seeds Cost?

    Below is the most updated pricing as of 3/16/18; for any applicable patient discounts email The Strainbank at info@strainbank.com directly.

    Feminized Seeds:

    • 10 Pack → $180/ea
    • 25 Pack → $405/ea
    • 50 Pack → $765/ea

    Mixed Seeds:

    • 10 Pack → $125/ea
    • 25 Pack → $280/ea
    • 50 Pack → $530/ea

    Auto-Flower Seeds:

    • 10 Pack → $125/ea
    • 25 Pack → $280/ea
    • 50 Pack → $530/ea

Discrete Shipping & Same Day Processing!

The Strainbank flower verifies and breeds genetics from the most well known Int'l seedbanks to ensure the authenticity of our cannabis seeds for sale. Don't let prior bad experiences growing marijuana seeds ruin future success cultivating them from us. Please check your local State marijuana laws to determine whether medical marijuana cultivation is prohibited.

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