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  Hydrolysate Emulsion
Fish Source Fresh Trash
Heat Exposure Low High
Amino Acid Content High Low
Hydroponics Safe Yes No
Metal Content Low High
Salt Content Low High
ECOCERT Compliant Yes No
Certified Organic Yes No
Fish Odor Low High

Fish Hydrolysate vs Emulsion.

Hydrolysis Process. Aims to capitalize on the value of the fish protein peptides & amino acid monomers produced by the enzymatic action of hydrolysis.

Fish Emulsion. Produced from the fluid remains of disposed fish processed by the fish oil and meal industries. The emulsion process is a last attempt to extract any remaining value from trash fish material.

Organic vs Synthetic Nutrients.

History.The early 20th century was the first time people created synthetic fertilizer to increase plant growth or develop land for agriculture. In the past, farmers have known for thousands of years most soil does not contain all the essential nutrients for plants to thrive. The Romans and Greeks used animal manure to fertilize land. Old Arab civilizations were the first to use ground up bones to fertilize new farming land.

Up until the 19th century, farmers in England also used ground bone to enhance fertility. The Spanish made popular the use of bird droppings, known as guano, which became a common soil supplement in the United States during the 1800s. These fertilizing methods took advantage of the simple fact most organic matter contains all the essential compounds needed to grow healthy plants.

Modern Farming. In the early 19th century, chemists learned what compounds made up these organic fertilizers and they established a core 16 elements that are essential to plant life. The three main nutrients plants need are nitrogen (N), potassium (P) and phosphorus (K). After World War II, there was an enormous stockpile and infrastructure to mass produce nitrogen as a major component to explosives. With potassium and phosphorus easily mined from potash deposits and phosphate rocks, respectively, an entirely new industry was created selling farmers on the idea of synthetic fertilizers makes farming cheaper, easier & faster.

Plant Nutrition. All plants require a wider spectrum of nutrients. Plants cultivated with synthetic nutrients need supplements to maintain healthy living. There is an intricate relationship between each element that effects how plants uptake nutrients. Plants absorb elements at different rates and for this reason every major marijuana nutrients company offers a product for nearly each stage of plant development, unlike Amal Gold. Major nutrient brands require significant product education vs. plant education, whereas Amal nutrients are very easy to use and works well with other products if you're an advanced grower.

Do not avoid learning the fundamentals of plant nutrition knowing the largest problems facing all growers are pests and fungal diseases. Curative approaches use pesticides and fertilizers, while preventative methods "let nature do its job". Why battle nature with chemicals, when organic, preventative methods exist.

Understanding the Basics of Plant Life.

Protein & Amino Acids. Most people are familiar with protein as being an essential supplement for athletes. Proteins are comprised of amino acids, which make up the core elements needed for animal and plant life. Amino acids themselves can be safely broken down further into monomers in a process called hydrolysis. Feeding plants a simple mixture of fish protein, amino acids, minerals & other beneficial micro-organisms provides all the nutrition necessary to grow strong, pest-resistant, organic medicine. Knowing what makes plants flourish coincides with the understanding of human health & nutrition. People receive nutrients from food we eat and only a well balanced diet results in healthy living. Vitamin supplements are popular and become increasingly important because most people do not eat healthy. Similarly, plants are not eating healthy when protein rich, organic food is substituted for chemical fertilizers.

Energy Conservation Benefits. When an organism consumes food, substantial energy is required to break down organic matter into smaller compounds for absorption. Amal Gold is a nutrient system that allows plants to expend all its energy growing larger, more potent harvests, adapting to environmental stress & fighting off pests, fungus or mildew - instead of breaking down food into energy first. Every synthetic fertilizer system requires the plant to consume additional energy to break down the nutrients into absorbable compounds. Plants break down non-organic matter at different rates disrupting the absorbability of other nutrients creating plant weaknesses. The broken balance between element uptake in plants forms vulnerabilities that causes cannabis to become increasingly susceptible to environment stress, bugs & disease. Amal Gold nutrients allows natural interactions to constantly maintain the correct balance for patients at each stage of plant development, including the rooting, vegging & flowering stages.

Buy Amal Nutrients For Sale Online - Call Us Today!
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Grow Premium Medication.

Product Selection. The Strainbank has become the largest and leading cannabis genetics preservatory in the U.S. When it comes to cultivation, we try everything at least once to make sure we're always providing patients the healthiest marijuana plants possible. We run side-by-side trials with every imaginable product line to ensure a systematic approach to nutrient selection. Amal Gold nutrients has completely changed the way we view cultivating premium medical marijuana plants. Growing cannabis correctly without problems is the easiest way to have great success cultivating the best medicine.

Organic Nutrients. Putting aside the superior results we have using Amal Gold, supporting an American company providing a quality organic product nutrient line in recycled, biodegradable packaging has resolved a large sustainability concern for The Strainbank. Although there are other organic marijuana nutrients available, Amal Gold is the only WSDA certified food-grade nutrient system. If it's safe for human consumption, then it must be plant super food!

Amal Gold Nutrients. Throughout all of our locations, we serve 100s of patients each month requiring our nurseries to consume enormous quantities of plant nutrients. The Strainbank is dedicated to building relationships with not only our genetics providers, but also equipment and growing supply vendors across the U.S.

We rarely have the opportunity to pass on so much savings directly to patient members. Take advantage of this discount and buy Amal Gold nutrients online for your marijuana garden today. We invite existing members to try a FREE sample, just ask your Rep next time by phone. Each customer will receive a discount code to provide continuous savings on future purchases!