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Ghurka Root Drench

  • Premium organic insecticide concentrate.
  • Composed of 25-B oils, fish oil and vegetable oil.
  • Organic insecticide root drench for plants.
  • Kills adult soft bodied insects and their eggs, larvae & nymphs.
  • Kills a wide range of mite and insect pests.
  • Safe for application up till harvest.
  • Plant, pet, people & planet safe.
  • Safe for use on fruits & vegetables, cannabis, grass, interior plants and field crops.

  • Amal Gold

    Product Description

    Proprietary Blend Formula
    Ingredients:  Sesame, clove, rosemary & vegetable oils (food grade)

    Gurkha root drench is an organic plant bug, fungus and mold control & disease prevention system for plants. This natural plant insecticide is a safe, organic oil spray that is effective on a wide variety of insects, mites, armored and soft scales, soft bodied insects, such as citrus rust mites, spider mites, two spotted mites, armored and soft scales, mealey-bugs, white flies, aphids, leaf-rollers, leaf miners, fungus gnats and thrips; and certain fungal diseases, such as powdery mildew, black spot (on roses), helminthesporium, grease spots (on citrus), and sago palm scale.

    Bugs and fungus attack the weakest plants in your grow. Without effective protection, you run the risk of the infestation spreading, losing your plants plus your invested time and money. The root drench application of our liquid product, diluted with water, giving your plants the opportunity to recover from the insect attack.

    This organic bug killer is a blend of organic oils that when sprayed on the plants suffocates insects in their various stages of life. The protective coating left on the plant keeps other bugs from re-establishing a foothold. This protective shield also discourages the spread of pests to healthy plants.

    Amal Gold Ghurka root drench is guaranteed to be the safest, organic disease prevention growing medium application.

    100% Organic Problem Prevention

    Amal Gold Bloom Boost is listed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) as well as Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) for use in organic crop production.