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Bloom Boost

  • Premium organic plant-food, dry powder concentrate.
  • Food-grade phosphorous and potassium.
  • Easily absorbable nutrition for plants.
  • Completely water soluble.
  • Won't clog drip irrigation lines
  • Won't burn plant leaf tissue (low salt content), feed plants only as recommended.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor growing.
  • Effective for foliar or root drench feeding
  • Works well in raised bed gardens, potted plants, aeroponic & hydroponic systems.
  • Can be used from seed to harvest.
  • Effective nutrition for fruits & vegetables, flowers, cannabis, trees, cacti and turf.
  • Enhances flower formation in plants.

  • Amal Gold

    Product Description

    0-50-30 Formula
    Ingredients:  Organic phosphorous and potassium (food grade)

    Organic bloom boost is a high performance nutrient supplement designed for extreme bud formation. It is pH balanced and specifically formulated to increase the production of larger flower blooms, bud density and quality during your plants bloom cycle. Adding bloom accelerant into your feeding regimen ensures a strong final ripening stage during the critical last weeks of bloom. Expect to see an increase in blossom fragrance and production, accelerated bud setting and bud density, an increase in essential oil content and heavier buds and fruits overall.

    Designed to help promote ripening in your fruiting and flowering plants, organic bloom boosting nutrients keeps your plants looking lush and green while providing more of the elements needed to increase your yield. This easy to use product works by minimizing the absorbable nitrogen (N) while maximizing the available phosphorous (P) and potassium (K). Plants flower faster while still maintaining their healthy surrounding foliage.

    Great in both soil and soil-less gardens, Amal Gold bloom boost works best in conjunction with both Amal wet and dry formula. Begin using bloom boost when buds are forming and continue use with every feeding during the bloom cycle. Add to soil as a root drench and apply as a foliar feed to plants. This product is a concentrate and should be phased-out of the feeding regimen 2 weeks prior to harvesting your plants. During the last phase of flowering, plants will metabolize stored nutrients.

    Amal Gold Bloom Boost is guaranteed to increase the yield and potency of buds on flowering marijuana plants.

    100% Organic Marijuana Nutrients

    Amal Gold Bloom Boost is listed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) as well as Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) for use in organic crop production.