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Wet Formula

  • Premium organic, liquid concentrate plant food.
  • Composed of fish hydrolysate protein, amino acids (15%) and bacillus.
  • Easily absorbable nutrition for plants and soil.
  • Won't clog drip irrigation lines.
  • Won't burn plant leaf tissue (low salt content), feed plants only as recommended.
  • Breaks down organic material in soil.
  • Provides slow release of absorbable nutrients lasting up to 15 weeks.
  • Root accelerator and flavor enhancer.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor growing.
  • Effective for foliar or root drench feeding.
  • Works well in raised bed gardens, potted plants, aeroponic & hydroponic systems.
  • Can be used from seed to harvest.
  • Effective nutrition for fruits & vegetables, flowers, cannabis, trees, cacti and turf.

  • Amal Gold

    Product Description

    2-2-0.2 Formula
    Ingredients:  Liquid carp protein, bacillus, eucalyptus scent (15% amino acids)

    Organic wet formula plant and soil nutrients contain everything to organically feed your plants. Amal nutrients are easy for your plants to absorb and use. The wet formula helps plants to obtain unequaled results, keeping them strong and healthy. Make organic cultivation easy by using only one product from seed to harvest! Amal Gold organic plant super food is a custom-blended, protein-rich organic nutrition system loaded with the finest vitamins, minerals and amino acids from the safest organic sources.

    This is a complete plant food that nourishes stronger, healthier plants; increasing the yield and potency of your harvest. Plants feed rapidly by absorbing the protein and amino acids through the roots, providing complete nourishment. The soil feeds off the bacillus, which are micro-organisms, activated by water, that break down organic material in the soil, creating absorbable nitrogen. Nitrogen enriches the soil feeding the plant for up to 15 weeks!

    Easy to use at all stages of plant development. Mix Amal Gold wet formula with filtered water in different concentrations, depending on the plant growth stage. Use this product as a root drench.

    Amal Gold Wet Formula is guaranteed to increase the vitality and fertility of the soil while feeding your marijuana plants.

    100% Organic Marijuana Nutrients

    Amal Gold Wet Formula is listed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) as well as Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) for use in organic crop production.