DNA Profiling

The Strainbank is the only collective in California offering verified genetics; most of which were tested by BioGenetics Lab (BGL) in Los Angeles. Unlike testing the potency of marijuana (flowers), testing cannabis plants (genetics) involves DNA profiling seed samples. We have relied on this process to identify and grade the "purity" of cannabis genotypes; the most potent phenotypes are preserved and offered to patients. Read More

Our Lab Results

The results of our recent submission can be viewed online at anytime by visiting the BioGenetics Lab website, click here, and using the code eclones2012. The Strainbank is proud to have received an A+ rating and "Recognition of Excellence" certification for providing medical grade, laboratory tested marijuana plants & cannabis seeds online. Serious growers do not settle for less; pre-verify to get started. Read More

Genotype vs. Phenotype

Genetics and environment both influence how cannabis plants flower. Each strain's genetics, or genotype, is blueprint for a wide spectrum of growth possibilities. However, the environment is what influencec the physical outcome of cannabis and each expression is referred to as a phenotype.