Our Team

Get to know the people helping to make The Strainbank your #1 provider of cannabis genetics in the U.S. Our expert growers stay private, however, we can assure you they remain the foundation of the strain selection & authenticity verification process of our Strain Menu.

Board of Directors

Greg First

Greg First

Sales Director

Phone:  (858) 750-8547
E-mail:  greg@strainbank.com

Salam Alchi

Luke Dandrea

Operations Director

Phone:  (858) 740-1369
E-mail:  luke@strainbank.com

JP Ramirez

JP Ramirez

Marketing Director

Phone:  (858) 900-1864
E-mail:  jp@strainbank.com


Account Managers

Carlee Flanigan

Nani Castellani

Account Manager

Phone:  (858) 750-5313
E-mail:  nanie@strainbank.com