DNA Profiling

DNA Profiling Our core strains were lab tested by BGL in 2017.

Medical marijuana patients and our members expect quality, high producing, uniform and stable cannabis strains to cultivate medicine.

The specialized services provided by BioGenetics Lab (BGL) offer The Strainbank reliable & useful genetic information, which we provide to patients. To learn more about BGL, please visit their website directly for additional information - Click Here.

DNA & protein tests with genotypic profiles provided by BGL give our patients additional information that helps ensure the highest quality verified products.

BioGenetics Lab provides a confidential service that allows us to use genetic information in our breeding and production programs. - The Strainbank

The information provided by BGL include inbred purity analyses, single and multi-cross hybrid purity & hybridity analyses, early generation analyses, genotyping, fertility analyses, pest diagnostics, GMO & non-GMO DNA analyses and transgenic analyses. BGL is a trusted and established provider of molecular genetic marker services to anyone wishing to use them.