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Clones Donations:
  • 4 clones → $25/ea
  • 6-11 clones → $20/ea
  • 12 - 23 clones → $18/ea
  • 24 - 49 clones → $16/ea
  • 50- 99 clones → $14/ea
Teens Donations:
  • 8 - 10 inches → $35/ea
  • 12 inches → $45/ea
  • 14 - 16 inches → $55/ea
  • 18+ inches → $65/ea

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Strain Type Flowering Time Yield
24k Gold Hybrid 9 Weeks High
Afghani Indica 8 Weeks High
Blue Dream Hybrid 9 Weeks Very High
Bruce Banner Hybrid 9 Weeks High
Do-Si-Dos Indica 8 Weeks Average
Fire OG Hybrid 9 Weeks High
Gorilla Glue #4 Hybrid 8 Weeks High
Girl Scout Cookies Hybrid 8 Weeks Average
Kosher Kush Indica 8 Weeks Average
Lemon Haze Sativa 10 Weeks High
Master Kush Hybrid 9 Weeks High
Soul Assassin OG Hybrid 9 Weeks High
Sweet Dreams Hybrid 9 Weeks Very High
Tahoe OG Indica 8 Weeks High
Tangie Sativa 10 Weeks Very High
Valley Girl Hybrid 9 Weeks High
White Fire OG Hybrid 9 Weeks Very High
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The Strainbank Difference

We simply have the best marijuana plants for sale online! Anyone can make this claim, but The Strainbank have been offering cannabis genetics to medical marijuana patients in San Diego since 2009 without any paid advertising. All donations go toward the development and preservation of superior marijuana strains, not to Weedmaps. You'll appreciate the difference.

New To Cultivation?

Have confidence each harvest growing plants from The Strainbank. Your order with us is backed by an Exchange Policy if you have issues with your new garden.

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To avoid confusion, we replace San Diego marijuana plants on a case-by-case because many new growers do not take the necessary time to have a basic understanding of growing fundamentals. Take a preventative approach to growing and tell our staff before ordering if you're new to growing so we can help. We recommend staying away from marijuana blogs or forums with mixed information.

Contact Us anytime to get help from our expert growers who use techniques developed over decades of experience and University research - together we'll grow far!

"To thrive roots must have adequate levels of soil oxygen. Roots are widely overlooked as to their significance in plant health. About 80% of all plant issues start with root problems." - Colorado Master Gardener Program 2011
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New Plant Care Advice

Through the years we routinely see new patients over water marijuana plants. Weed clones do not need water during the transplant process. If you feel compelled to water your San Diego marijuana clones the day you receive them, use a spray bottle with filtered water. Young clones do not require any nutrients the first week; however, if you feel compelled to feed your weed plants, use a light quarter solution. Experienced growers in San Diego learn quickly there's no rush to force baby plants into a mature feed schedule or environment.