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What is a FEMA Region?
The Federal Government established 10 Regions to divide the U.S. into fewer, larger areas in order to consolidate and restrict the sovereignty of each State under the guise of FEMA. With each passing day the police, surveillance & prison industrial complex grow and will eventually usurp our great Country. Do not agree?

The U.S. Army is hiring domestic Interment/Resettlement Specialists to assist in the future unlawful capture and detention of American citizens into FEMA Re-Education Camps - documented clearly within military Operations Manual FM 3-39.40.

Specific 'Job Duties' outlined (verbatim):

  • » Supervision of confinement and detention operations.
  • » External security to facilities.
  • » Counseling/guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program.
  • » Records of prisoners/internees and their programs.

The Strainbank provides this information about the division of the U.S. into FEMA Regions simply to make visitors aware of their existence. #strainbankusa #youtubewtc7

Communities of people within each medical marijuana State have worked very hard together to pass legislation allowing for the medicinal use of cannabis. The Strainbank does not support any restriction of an individual's inherent right to use safer, alternative medical treatment. Legally prescribed pharmaceutical medication kills more people than heroin and cocaine combined (American Journal of Public Health), therefore; marijuana is safer than prescription drugs.

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