Together We'll Grow Far.

The Strainbank has built many trusted relationships with expert growers, licensed contractors and marijuana attorneys who have aided in the success of our business & safety of our members and partners. If you're interested in any of the services below, give us a call or send us a message online to receive a free quote.

If you're new to cultivating and would like help each month doing preventative maintenance for your cannabis garden, The Strainbank provides several options for you to have routine expert grower visits. Whether it's your first grow and need weekly visits or have intermediate experience and would like quarterly visits, our professional, discrete & friendly cultivation experts will assist you in learning simple, preventative growing techniques. Increase the potency and yield of each harvest with garden preventative maintenance.

The Strainbank has mastered every grow room design imaginable, including the most sophisticated indoor rooms or simple outdoor greenhouses. The growing environment you provide your plants has a huge impact on the quality and yield of each harvest. For example, well constructed rooms can save energy by dispersing light and circulating air better. Do you already have contractor experience or professional assistance? Save money by utilizing just our grow room designs and equipment/material discounts.

One of the most considerable costs for indoor growers is power consumption, especially in an areas with high utility rates. If you live in an area that would benefit from solar energy use, The Strainbank is partners with licensed, solar installation contractors that specialize in cannabis grow rooms! If you're looking to eliminate any suspicion of inflated power use, solar energy is the best option for both savings and discretion. Our collective is always striving to find innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Renewal energy is now a realistic option for urban farmers in Southern California.

The Strainbank has the best attorney representation in Southern California available to protect the rights of our partners and patient members. If you are operating a dispensary, delivery service, nursery or grow room, it's very important that you have a relationship with a lawyer who is already familiar with your business and each participant so that in the event representation is needed, crucial time is gained and costs lowered. Whether you need assistance forming a business with California or want legal consultation on taxes or marijuana laws, an attorney on legal retainer will protect and grow your business.