Our Guidelines.

1. I am not seeking membership for any legal investigative purposes.
2. I am a qualified medical marijuana patient as defined under State laws.
3. I have obtained a recommendation from a physician currently licensed to practice medicine.
4. I will not use the marijuana plants & seeds obtained from The Strainbank for recreational purposes.
5. I have read and understand these guidelines and give full consent to request membership.

Product Guarantee.

1. All plants are 100% female, absolutely no exceptions of any kind.
2. All strains are authentic genetics verified by BioGenetics Lab.
3. All plants are healthy; no disease, mold or bugs (e.g. mites, aphids, etc).
4. All clones are rooted for no less than ten (10) days and pass "tug test".
5. All teens are fed a light, 1/4 solution of organic nutrients.

Exchange Terms.

1. Any plants grown outdoor cannot be exchanged.
2. Any plants that die from over watering or heat cannot be exchanged.
3. Any plants not transplanted within 12 hours of pick-up cannot be exchanged.
4. Any plants with minor discoloration (e.g. yellow tips, etc) cannot be exchanged.
5. Any manipulation of plants to receive replacements voids Exchange Policy.
6. Photos of individual plants must be taken within 24 hours of pick-up to receive replacements.
7. Only plants without any root development can be replaced.
8. Any form of deception used to receive extra replacements voids Exchange Policy.
9. Replacement plants are provided within five (5) days of confirmation with Management.
10. Additional exchange information at www.strainbank.com/exchange-policy.htm.

Refund Policy.

1. Any payment for clones, teens & seeds is a donation to our collective and donations cannot be refunded.
2. Any deposit for plants can be refunded less the cost of materials and processing fees (e.g. PayPal, etc).