Strainbank Review On 420 Magazine of Granddaddy Blueberry


We love to see the great results our patient members have with their new marijuana clones. It’s even more exciting to see them highlighted as a feature grow for 420 Magazine. The Los Angeles Strainbank has been a successful cannabis nursery since 2009. If you want to grow the same genetics, visit our Los Angeles Strain Menu to view our largest genetics assortment ever!

View hi-res grow forum photos here, TrysHard’s Hydro Granddaddy Blueberry Indica Grow 2014; there’s no question from the feedback in the thread The Strainbank is a trusted source of marijuana plants & cannabis seeds for sale online.

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The Strainbank is growing faster than weed plants in summer!  With great effort and dedication, we are launching a new website to help patients across U.S.  We have the safest, most discrete & easiest platform for patients to buy marijuana plants online & cannabis seeds for sale.