Native American Tribes Begin Growing Weed


In December, the federal government took both the marijuana industry and America’s Native American Tribes by surprise when the Department of Justice issued a law that allows Native Americans to grow cannabis on their land.

Since then, tribes have taken direct courses of action. The Pomo tribe in Northern California, for instance, has agreed to develop a $10 million grow facility in conjunction with United Cannabis.

Not surprisingly, this tribe is not the only one considering joining the “Green Rush”. According to The Huffington Post, more than 100 tribes are strongly contemplating turning their fertile land into one where marijuana grows.

Along with the Colorado-based United Cannabis, FoxBarry Farms plans on being a heavy player and developer of these tribes’ farms if and when they decide to move forward with grows. Foxbarry’s CEO Barry Broutman has some insight into the tribes that hints many will go green.

“Tribes want what any government wants for its people, and that’s financial independence,” Broutman (FoxBarry Farms CEO) said. “They want to earn their own money, provide education, health care and housing. This new industry allows them to be more economically independent.” [The Huffington Post] Given America’s tribes massive amounts of land and the potential economic windfall in play, it’s hard to find a reason for them not to go green.