Cannabix Developing Marijuana Breathalyzer Prototype


Now that almost half of the United States has legalized Medical and recreational marijuana, many states feel there is a need for more guidelines and limitations when it comes to the use of marijuana. Especially when driving. This being for the obvious reason that THC in marijuana can have both psychological and physiological affects. That being said, every single person metabolizes marijuana differently. So coming up with some sort of device that creates a benchmark can be very difficult.

Difficult, but not impossible for a company called Cannabix. “Cannabix is developing the Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer, a THC recognition system for law enforcement and the workplace that operates somewhat akin to alcohol breathalyzers that are widely used today”.

Cannabix announced on March 2 that the marijuana breathalyzer is “still in the prototype stage with an alpha version”. Meaning, it is just an early sample for now. Cannabix also stated that “internal testing is being started with medical marijuana users to determine any requisite modifications and that a beta version will follow for testing by independent agencies”. As far as figuring out exactly what the metrics to quantify marijuana inebriation are, things are still up in the air and have yet to be figured out.