Will Americans Support Marijuana Use In The NFL?

Two things that you wouldn’t typically expect to have any relation to one another seem to currently be on a “collision course.” Those two things being, Football and Medical Marijuana. The United States is currently going through somewhat of an epidemic when it comes to Medicinal Marijuana. Within the past couple of years almost every state has become medically legal when talking about medical marijuana. It has even become fully legal in four states for adults.

How though, is it related to football you ask? In these recent years, since the laws have been changing — 1/3 of the “Power Five” programs have been meticulously changing things as well. Firstly by lessening penalties for any marijuana use by the players. Not only that, but the NFL is also in support of removing marijuana completely from the leagues “banned-substance list”. For both medical and non-medical purposes. That just so happens to be just ONE of the examples on how the NFL wants to change things when it comes to marijuana use. Even Doctors are encouraging the league to rethink its “stance in cannabis”.

American’s love football and more than 200 million Americans watched a football game back in 2014 at least once. So as you can see, with these current ever-changing rules in the NFL, Americans may very well be influenced by this. Helping this Medical Marijuana epidemic become a legal reality.