Is Marijuana At Whole Foods A Possibility?


Let’s get this fact out of the way: Whole Foods does not and will not sell marijuana or THC products as long as cannabis remains a Schedule 1, federally illegal substance. However, when the government eventually and inevitably reschedules and/or legalizes marijuana on a federal level, the entrance of major brands from Phillip Morris to Whole Foods into the market could become a very real possibility.

Whole Foods already sells hemp-based products (using hemp oil) like Dr. Bronner’s soap. The company also celebrates hemp culture and history every year, when the Whole Foods brand rolls out an ode to Hemp History week. Clearly, the Whole Foods brand realizes the mass benefits of hemp and believes in the product.

However, non-psychoactive hemp oil is a far different and far less touchy subject than a the subject of marijuana or weed itself. While mainstream brands like a Whole Foods easily enter a legal marijuana market, the risk of somewhat erasing it’s already powerful brand and alienating a strong consumer base, makes this possibility pretty unlikely.

The future is unwritten and if, how, and when major mainstream brands enter the marijuana fray remains a giant question mark that no one knows the answer to. If Whole Foods eventually could legally sell organic flowers in its produce section, there’s little doubt it would become a massive cash crop and success. While the corporatizing of cannabis is inevitable and already occurring in legal markets, I sincerely hope that companies don’t tread on what people have been doing for centuries out of love.