Amino Acids Assist Marijuana Plant Development


Amino acids are organic compounds which make up the building blocks of proteins. Proteins are important nutrients for crops because they help manage metabolism, structure, transport, communication and growth on a cellular level. Amino acids provide peptides and organic nitrogen, while also organically chelating nutrients to induce marijuana plant stimulation. Research shows interactions in bio-stimulation enhances enzymatic function, pest & pathogen resistance, growth & bloom and maturation.

Nature only recognizes left turning amino acids (L-Amino Acids) as they are hydrolyzed in the same way nature does by enzymatic hydrolization. L-Amino Acids in various combinations have different roles in plant development and maturation. Their role can be nutritive and a pre-cursor to other important bio-chemical processes during marijuana plant development.

What Are Artificial & Synthetic Marijuana Nutrients?


To put it simply, something artificial is anything man-made, using compounds of natural origin. Something synthetic is anything man-made resulting from chemical processes, using artificial compounds. Do you know how your marijuana nutrients are made? The most forgotten aspect in nutrition management, is the original source and quality of the ingredients used to make nutrients. Bio-availability of nutrients are obtained when using organic or organo-mineral compounds, which are free of heavy metals.