What Southern Conservatives Are Saying About Medical Marijuana


A dramatic shift in pot politics took place Friday as Georgia Governor Nathan Deal announced his plans to make the Peach State the 24th state to legalize medical Marijuana. This new law will continue the rapid expansion of Cannabis in the South, and will surely play an influential role in persuading social conservatives still opposing the legalization of Medicinal Cannabis.

Unlike most states that have legalized pot in most forms, whether it be flowers, edibles, concentrates etc., Georgia’s new law only allows for the possession of up to 20 ounces of non- intoxicating cannabidiol extract, or familiar to most as CBD. This law is intended specifically for eighth common health conditions, and could help up to 500,000 Georgia residents, according to Rep. Allen Peake.

The signing of this law, along with the signing of even narrow Medical Marijuana laws from Gov. Nikki Haley in South Carolina and Gov. Rick Scott in Florida, foreshadows a strong influence of pro-medicinal views amongst conservative politicians, including potential Republican presidential Candidates.

Though many see these changes as dangerous, and broadening of acceptance to recreational use of Marijuana in the U.S, for some it’s a sign of hope. Many who suffer from illnesses treated with CBD have moved to Colorado to seek treatment without fear of prosecution, and this law could be their ticket home. The vision of a legalized nation stands strong in the Medical Marijuana community, and even these small steps show signs of hope that opposing politicians will one day see the benefits of this plant and let it heal those in need.