New Study Reveals Cannabis Reduces Migraine Frequency In Patients

According to a new study, medical marijuana may possibly be able to reduce the recurrence of those miserable migraine headaches that many Americans suffer from. A study involving 121 people (that had previously been diagnosed with migraines) had quite an interesting result. After medicating or using medical marijuana, 103 of the people said that they had fewer migraines. 15 people from the remainder said that there was no change in their migraines and three of the remainder said it made their migraines worse.

So what does this really tell us or prove? After the study there actually was a substantial improvement for most patients. Not only in feeling better over all, but in their abilities to function on everyday tasks. So this basically tells us that like most things in life, it is good for and helps some people, while not doing as much for others. It will all depend on who you are, your DNA and your health history.

There is no exact answer. “Like any drug, marijuana has potential benefits and potential risks. It’s important for people to be aware that using medical marijuana can also have adverse effects.” It is still unclear and unknown as to what the exact mechanism or components by which medical marijuana might reduce migraine occurrences. Or “abort” migraine headaches all together. Scientists believe that serotonin may play a major roll in migraine headaches, but are still trying to figure out the roll that cannabinoids play in all of this. Hopefully further future studies will reveal more answers on this subject.

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