CDC Pressured To Study Cannabis As An Opioid Substitute

People are finally coming to the conclusion that medical marijuana should at the very least, be studied as a way to address the nation’s opioid issue. One of the Nation’s most influential Senators, Senator Elizabeth Warren has asked that the Centers for Disease Control (or CDC) work with other federal agencies “to fill the gap on our knowledge about medical marijuana’s ability to help combat the opioid epidemic.”

The main thing holding back research is the fact that marijuana still remains illegal under a federal level. Since marijuana remains a “Schedule 1” substance, any researcher that wants to study the drug needs the approval from the FDA and a license from the Drug Enforcement Administration (or DEA). Though this may make it more difficult, it is still possible.

There is currently some data that medical marijuana can help reduce opioid abuse. “The researchers compared treatment admissions for opioid pain reliever misuse and state-level opioid overdose deaths. They found decreases in misuse and deaths in states with medical marijuana dispensaries, but they didn’t find decreases in states that allow medical marijuana without dispensaries.” So that is a start. Hopefully the future will bring more studies and “large-scale clinical trials to prove this study.

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